Engaged & Self-Directed Learners

Graduates hold themselves accountable for their education by making personal choices for the benefit of themselves and others. They set goals, manage resources, and create and implement their own learning plans. Graduates have a growth mindset — they seek challenges, grow from setbacks, and purposefully connect the things they learn to their own lives. Self-directed students are persistent, resilient and able to adapt to changing circumstances.

  • Photo of Andreea Musteata

    “TVHS has provided me with opportunities outside of school that have exposed me to college early and allowed me to get a head start on life. Tech Valley is here to back you up, but I've learned you have to be the one to move things forward.”

    Andreea Musteata

    Class of 2016, Guilderland CSD

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Andreea Musteata, Class of 2016, talks about how her self-direction skills flourished at Tech Valley High School.