Outside the Classroom

Photo of students collecting water at the Hudson RiverAuthentic Opportunities in the Field

Projects at Tech Valley High School integrate real-world scenarios and information wherever possible. For example, in Biochemistry class, students are as likely to be found out in the field gathering data, as they are in the classroom evaluating it. Each year, students go to the Hudson River where they gather water samples to analyze against historic data collected by previous TVHS classes and other schools.

Community Service

Students at TVHS are required to complete 100 hours of community service in order to receive their certificate of completion of the TVHS program. This requirement reflects our value of global stewardship. Community service connects students to the world around them and provides them with an opportunity to learn important skills and ethics. Special recognition is awarded to students who have completed more than 150 hours upon graduation. .

Design Expo

All students participate in the annual TVHS Design Expo held at SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s ZEN (Zero Energy Nanotechnology) Building. Students either create new projects or revise and polish projects they created earlier in the year. All of the projects feature problems that were solved through the use of the engineering design process. Students present their work and explain the process to participants, including educators and members of the professional business community.

I-TermPhoto of students reviewing materials at a rectangular table

Tech Valley High School’s annual career exploration program is called I-Term. I-Term gives students the opportunity to explore their interests and gain experiential learning in careers. All TVHS students participate in I-Term. It’s a hands-on opportunity designed to foster direct workplace interaction between students and professionals to give students a realistic understanding of an industry or field of study. I-Term starts freshman year and scaffolds to build in complexity over four years. Learn more about I-Term.