About TVHS

Tech Valley High School (TVHS) is a four-year regional public high school that is built on the principles of project-based learning and collaboration. Students engage in hands-on projects based in authentic applications of New York state learning standards. We serve approximately 140 students in grades 9-12.

The mission of Tech Valley High is to provide a unique, innovative and student-centered educational opportunity, engage students in current and emerging technologies and support the growth and economy of the region.

Students at TVHS learn both in and out of the classroom. Our Guiding Principles form the basis of every class and activity in which our students participate. In the classroom, students have ample access to technology, participate in Student Learning Teams, can earn college credit with College in the High School courses as well as as the College Ready partnership with Excelsior College.

Outside the classroom, students do field work and community service, present projects to business and community leaders, and participate in I-Term, our annual career exploration program.

TVHS students receive a well-rounded education that includes art, technology, foreign language, service learning, experiential learning and physical education, as well as core subjects. Students graduate having met or exceeded requirements for New York State Regents or Advanced Regents diplomas from their home districts. Project-based learning is the primary means of instruction at Tech Valley High School.

Education at TVHS is enriched by the school’s partnerships with area businesses and higher education institutions.