Partnership for 21st Century Learning

The 21st Century Learning Exemplar Program is designed to be a cornerstone for the next stage of the 21st-Century Skills movement. Since 2002, P21 has advocated for 21st-century readiness for every student. Thousands of schools, communities, and thought leaders across the country have helped to define 21st Century Skills and promote their adoption. P21 leads a coalition of business, education and policy leaders in identifying what 21st century educational practices look like and where they are being implemented successfully.

Through the Exemplar Program, P21 seeks to identify, document, promote, and celebrate examples of successful 21st-century learning. This program provides educators and communities a variety of examples to draw from, and offers policymakers at the state and national level, concrete examples of 21st century learning.

During its intensive application and review process, Tech Valley High provided evidence and was evaluated across six criteria defined by the P21 Exemplar Schools program.

  • Commitment to College, Career, and Life Readiness
  • Education Support Systems and Intentional Design
  • Engaged Learning Approaches
  • Equitable Student Access to 21st-Century Learning
  • Student Acquisition of 21st-Century Knowledge and Skills
  • Partnerships for Sustainable Success

The Partnership for 21st Century Learning granted TVHS Exemplar status in 2017 and continues to partner with the program to share our best practices and support the mission of improving learning in the 21st century.