Learning Environment

TVHS students receive a well-rounded education that includes art, technology, foreign language, service learning, experiential learning and physical education, as well as core subjects. Students graduate having met or exceeded requirements for New York State Regents or Advanced Regents diplomas from their home districts. Project-based learning is the primary means of instruction at Tech Valley High School. Education at TVHS is enriched by the school’s partnerships with area businesses and higher education institutions. 

The Role of Technology

TVHS is a 1:1 school, meaning each student is provided with their own laptop to be integrated into their everyday learning. They use electronics, software and programs to foster critical thinking about projects and problems. Students have an awareness and understanding of the region’s emerging technologies, adapt to ever-changing platforms, and even prepare for technology that does not yet exist.

College Ready

TVHS, in partnership with Excelsior College, offers a 60-credit Associate of Science degree. Students can earn college credit for courses through the University at Albany, Schenectady County Community College, Hudson Valley Community College, The College of Saint Rose and Excelsior College. In addition, TVHS offers College Board AP courses. Credits can be aggregated into one diploma through Excelsior College, Students do not have to participate in the degree program in order to take these college courses.

We also offer a tuition reimbursement program to help TVHS students pay the cost of earning college credit in high school.

Course Descriptions

Students at TVHS meet or exceed all of the New York state graduation requirements, including four years of English Language Arts, four years of math & science, and at least two years of Mandarin Chinese. Students also have a wide range of electives from which to choose.


Tech Valley High School uses a mindfulness meditation program called Calm Classroom. This initiative makes a positive difference in students’ lives by giving them simple tools to better manage the stress and anxiety that can often disrupt learning.

Student Learning Teams

Student Learning Team (SLT) ideally consists of the student, teacher (advisor), and parent. SLTs will convene two times per year (in October and March usually) and as needed.   

The purpose of the Student Learning Team is to:

  • Help students be successful throughout high school and beyond
  • Help students articulate and achieve their goals
  • Create a positive working relationship between students and adults
  • Discuss student’s academics/grades and develop plans for improvement if needed
  • Discuss college, career and interest development, planning and progress
  • Discuss strengths and weaknesses, what is working and not working
  • Discuss community service and reading progress
  • Explore summer plans including work and internship possibilities
  • Explore “I-term” choices and topics of interest