College Ready

Through a partnership with Excelsior University, TVHS students can earn an Associates Degree through University in the High School courses at TVHS. Students are eligible to earn up to 60 credits throughout their time at TVHS from a variety of courses from Hudson Valley Community College, Schenectady County Community College, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, University at Albany,The College of Saint Rose, Excelsior University, and CollegeBoard AP courses.

Students are not required to participate in the degree program to take these courses. If the student wishes to receive college credit for the course, tuition must be paid by the due date. Information regarding college registration and tuition will be distributed in class, and is available from School Counselor, Ms. Lee.

TVHS offers tuition reimbursement for students who successfully pass these courses through the TVHS Foundation. Information about the reimbursement program is sent directly to families.

Advanced Placement ($94/Exam)

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  • Biology (8 Semester hours, Natural Science/Math)
  • Physics 1 (8 Semester hours, Natural Science/Math)
  • Calculus AB  (4 Semester hours, Natural Science/Math)

Excelsior University(For A.S. Candidates Only)

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Hudson Valley Community College ($165/Course)

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  • MATH 150: College Algebra with Trigonometry (4 Semester hours Natural Science/Math)
  • CHNS 200: Chinese Language and Culture III (3 Semester hours, Humanities)
  • HIST 110: Interpretations of American History I (3 Semester hours, Social Science/History)
  • HIST 111: Interpretations of American History II (3 Semester hours, Social Science/History) HIST 111 Registration Form

Schenectady County Community College ($184/Course)

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  • MAT 147: Statistics (4 Semester hours, Natural Science/math)
  • ART 128: Introduction to Drawing (3 Semester hours, Humanities)
  • ENV 100: Introduction to Environmental Science (3 Semester hours, Applied Professional)

SUNY Polytechnic Institute ($160/Course)

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  • N SCI 101: Nanotechnology Survey (3 Semester hours, Applied Professional)

The College of Saint Rose ($130/Course)

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  • MAT 145: Math Themes for Liberal Arts – Geometry (3 Semester hours, Natural Science/Math) MAT 145 Registration form
  • CSC 111: Introduction to Computer Science (3 Semester hours, Applied Professional) CSC 111 Registration form
  • CSC 112: Fundamentals of Computer Science (3 Semester hours, Applied Professional) CSC 112 Registration form
  • CSC 202: Intro to Programming(3 Semester hours, Arts & Sciences)
  • PHI 205: Business Ethics (3 Semester hours, Humanities – Ethics req.) PHI 205 Registration form

University of Albany ($160/Course)

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  • A ANT 108: Cultural Anthropology (3 Semester hours, Social Science/History)
  • A EAC 201: Intermediate Chinese I (5 Semester hours, Humanities)
  • BIO 175: Forensic Science (3 Semester hours, Applied Professional)

UExcel Exam ($183/Exam+Fees)