Distance Learning Update 4/1/2020

Hello everyone, 

As you may have heard in recent news reports, the governor’s recent executive order extending school closures requires schools to continue to provide instruction even during time periods that had previously been scheduled as spring recess. TVHS is very fortunate to have distance learning resources and experience that many schools do not have and we know our students haven’t lost a great deal of class time during school closure. While it is essential to comply with the governor’s order, we have also decided that it would be beneficial for students to at least ease the pace of instruction during the week of April 13th-17th, our previously scheduled spring recess. 

During the week of April 13th-17th, students won’t be required to login to Zoom for attendance or follow their regular schedules, but will instead be provided with an assignment for each course that should take no longer than 60 minutes. This assignment will be posted in Echo next week and will be included in Marking Period 4. Students can get help on this assignment during the week of April 13th by setting up appointments with their teachers or by dropping in to a teacher’s “Office Hours” in Zoom on Tuesday, April 14th, or Thursday, April 16th. Students should also use this time period to complete missing assignments for Marking Period 3. 

Should school closure be extended for additional time beyond this week, we will return to our regular Distance Learning schedule on April 20th and students will again be required to login to their classes for attendance. 

I’m very proud of the hard work that students and teachers are doing to prove that learning can continue even when our doors are closed. Thank you also to parents for your help in setting the conditions at home that make this possible.  

Here is an updated schedule for the next few weeks: 

3/30-4/3: Regular schedule. Attendance taken. Distance Learning. 

4/6-4/9: Regular schedule. Attendance taken. Distance Learning.

4/10: Good Friday–No Instruction

4/13-4/17: Assignments provided. Student help by appointment or during office drop-ins on Tuesday and Thursday. No attendance taken. 

4/20-4/24: Return to regular schedule. Attendance taken. Learning location (Distance or at School) TBA. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Jim Niedermeier, Ed.D.
Principal and CAO 
Tech Valley High School