Graduation Information

Dear Graduate & Parent(s):

As you are all aware, the recent pandemic has upended many of the traditional elements that make the end of the school year special. Chief among these events is graduation, which acknowledges seniors for 13 years of effort and closes the book on their high school experiences.  Unfortunately, social distancing guidelines dictate that we alter our ceremony this year. We are committed to honoring this proud moment in the lives of our students and hope that our virtual ceremony provides seniors with a memory of their lives in this historic moment.  

Graduation Ceremony: A filmed virtual TVHS Graduation will be released via live stream on June 25th at 6:00 PM and will be available for free download anytime afterward to anyone who would like a copy.  This film will feature all TVHS seniors in caps and gowns accepting their TVHS certificates. In addition to this traditional activity, each student will be given an opportunity to thank family members, friends, and teachers who have supported them in their journey. Graduation speakers will also be filmed giving their speeches.  There will also be an interactive “viewing party” element to the live stream that will allow the audience to participate. 

Caps and Gowns: If students would like to keep the cap and gown that they will wear in the video, they may bring $20 (cash or check payable to Tech Valley High School) and pick them up on May 28 between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM.  Purchased caps may be tastefully decorated by students.  If a student does not wish to keep his or her cap and gown, he or she will be provided with one to wear free of charge that can be picked up on the day of the filming or on May 28th.  All students will be given a 2020 tassel to keep. 

Filming: In order to ensure safety while being filmed, students must sign up for a 15 minute time slot to come to Tech Valley High School  individually on June 4 or June 5 on this form:  Students should come dressed in professional attire (i.e. no sneakers, hats, or jeans) as they would for a graduation ceremony. If students have purchased or decorated  caps and gowns in advance, they should also bring them to the filming. Those students who have chosen to speak at graduation must also bring their completed speeches at that time. 

Students will be filmed by a small film crew on a set constructed outdoors.  The film crew will be prescreened by campus security, masked, and seated an appropriate distance away from the area being filmed. The area being filmed will be disinfected between each student. We ask that family members do not observe the filming. 

Senior Celebration: Following filming, seniors may clean out their lockers and will be given a gift from their advisor to take home. We ask that they do not open these gifts until the Senior Celebration, which will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, June 23rd at 11:30. At that virtual event, each senior will be publicly recognized for their unique contributions to Tech Valley High School. This traditional event is the highlight of senior programs at TVHS each year and will be our last opportunity to gather formally as a full faculty/staff and the senior class. 

Certificates: Seniors may exchange their TVHS issued computers and textbooks for their actual TVHS program certificate on June 24 between the hours 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM. This time will coincide with underclassmen locker cleaning. Students should park in the bus loop and only 5 students will be allowed in to school at one time. Students entering the school should wear face coverings. 

Diplomas: Please remember that the actual diploma comes from students’ home districts and that a certificate of program completion is conferred at the TVHS graduation ceremony.  Make sure to contact your home district if you are also interested in participating in their ceremonial events and/or to set up a time to pick up the diploma. 

Please contact Dr. Niedermeier with any questions on concerns.

Download a PDF of this letter here