Role of Business Alliance Members


The business community was a partner in the creation of Tech Valley High School. The establishment of the Business Alliance was included in the legislation that created our school to ensure an ongoing role for the business community as a partner and resource in the development and continued operation of the school.


  • Attend at least 50 % of meetings held each year
  • Volunteer at least once per school year

Roles of a Business Alliance Member


Be a critical friend – provide feedback on programs.

Help blend state requirements with opportunities for real world experiences
Advise how to expose students to emerging technologies thus realizing the school’s STEM mission.


Volunteer a minimum of once each year at TVHS by:

  • Hosting an I-Term student
  • Hosting a field trip or project based learning visit
  • Creating projects/curriculum development by:
    • Co-Designing and providing input on project topics that make real world connections
    • Co-Teaching, guiding and participating in classroom workshops
    • Co-Assessing/evaluating student’s work and providing feedback
  • Being a guest speaker in a classroom
  • Participating on a review panel of student work
  • Attending the Design Expo


Be a resource to connect new business partners and use personal networks to expand TVHS’s volunteer network.


Advocate for the school with the business, education and political communities – champion the relevance of project based learning and other innovative teaching techniques.