Teacher Residency

TVHS offers intensive (one-day) and immersive (two-day) teacher residency programs. We are excited to share lessons learned from a decade of utilizing project- and problem-based learning and integrated curriculum design.

We are pleased to offer teacher coaching for teams or individuals who are actively engaging in this process. BOCES-aidable pricing is available for all services.

To plan your visit, contact School Outreach Coordinator Sarah Fiess at (518) 862-4958.

Day 1 Agenda

  • An overview of project-based learning and the principles and practices of TVHS.
  • Instructional rounds (observations of classrooms in action).
  • Project rollout (work with one teacher to explore how to launch/implement project-based learning).
  • Student panel (Q&A with 3-5 TVHS students describing their experiences).
  • Lunch on your own.
  • Facilitated brainstorming; supported work time (begin planning PBL).
  • Meeting with business liaison to discuss opportunities to increase authenticity.

Day 2 Agenda

    • Shadow teacher in content area for 2-3 hour block.
    • Follow-up with 30-minute shadow teacher meeting (debrief).
    • Facilitated project development.
    • Share project ideas to extend community networks with group.
    • Establish follow-up opportunities:
      • Coaching by video-chat.
      • Online workshops.
      • Virtual support (sharing through Master Teacher network).