TVHS teams place in top 10 in programming contest

Group of students in gold shirts around a computer
The TVHS Gold Division Team, students with more than one year of programming experience.

On March 29, eight TVHS students competed in two teams at the 32nd annual Siena College High School Programming Contest. Students are divided into Green and Gold divisions, for first-year programming students and second-year and beyond students respectively. The TVHS Green division team placed 4th out of 29 teams and the Gold Division team placed 6th out of 31 teams.

Teams must work together to program a solution to a given problem or scenario. For example, last year, students were asked to follow a set of guidelines to remove specific letters from a list of words or using a set of criteria to create a written representation of a set of cards with various colors and patterns.

Group of students in green shirts sitting around a computer
The Green Division team is for first-year programming students

More information on the contest is available on Siena’s website.

Congratulations to all our students who participated in the contest!

Green Division Team:

Mary Rose Duffy
Ryker Dorman
Alfred Burgazoli
Alex Livingston

Gold Division Team:

Fiona Haggerty
Killian Faulkner
Jack Ganger-Spivak
Chris Mahoney