VIDEO: Seniors reflect on I-Term experiences

“I’m two-weeks ahead of kids my age who won’t have this experience.” – Senior Cameron Smith of Wynantskill

Students reflect on the opportunity to complete internships at local businesses during I-Term, an annual career exploration program. It starts freshman year and scaffolds to build in complexity over four years.

I-Term gives students the opportunity to explore their interests and gain experiential learning in careers. More than 50 businesses, organizations and professionals were involved in this year’s program.

Seniors have the highest level of career exposure. They chose their own internship sites and work alongside professionals for two weeks.

“This is real work, not shadowing. The work they do is representative of what they would do in that career field.” – TVHS Principal James Niedermeier

From their experiences, students have to create artifacts to represent their work. For example, senior Jannat Begum of Hudson completed her I-Term at Marra’s Pharmacy in Cohoes. She developed inventory and temperature control methods for medications that are sensitive to environmental changes. She was responsible for more than $18,000 in medications.

Seniors are now creating portfolios that must include a research paper, a work log and a written reflection of their I-Term experience since freshman year. Seniors will present their work in March to a panel of their peers, faculty and business professionals.