2019 Award Ceremony

At our annual award ceremony on Friday, May 31, , we recognized dozens of our students for leadership, academic achievement, attendance and community service. Congratulations to all our students for all they have achieved this year!

The TEMA Bellinson Scholarship Award is given by the U.S.-China Peoples Friendship Association to the top Capital Region high school student of Chinese language and culture. A Tech Valley High School student has won this regional award for the past six years in a row. The award included a certificate as well as $100 check. This year’s recipient was
Recipient: Caiden Larsen

The Capital Area School Association Scholars Recognition Program is intended to honor outstanding scholastic achievement by the senior class. The program is also intended to honor those teachers nominated by each student scholar for having a significant and beneficial influence on his/her education. Outstanding students are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service to their schools and communities. This year’s recipients were:
Student: Macy Hayes
Teacher: Jason Irwin

The James N. Baldwin Award is awarded to a graduating senior who has been accepted to either a two- or four-year college or university. The student must have demonstrated academic achievement and strong leadership skills. The student must also show evidence of community service, which may include Tech Valley High School advocacy. This award comes with an iPad.
Recipient: Macy Hayes.

The BlueShield Scholars Award is given to a student pursuing higher education for a career in the field of health or human sciences and demonstrates respect, personal responsibility, excellence, teamwork, passion, and integrity – BlueShield’s core values. This award comes with a $250 scholarship
Recipient: Lauryn Warner

The Toshiaki Yoshimura Merit Scholarship for $2500 is presented in the memory of Toshiaki Yoshimura, TVHS teacher Diana Weldon’s father. Toshiaki valued hard work, education and altruism. The student should have an overall GPA of 90 percent or higher and demonstrate excellence in leadership, agency and helping others. In addition, the student should be accepted at an accredited college or university and ideally plan to study in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.
Recipient: Macy Hayes.

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal is awarded to the strongest math/science student in the junior class. The selected student should be one who has taken the most challenging courses, earned the highest grades, and presented the strongest overall academic profile.This merit scholarship, with a minimum value of $15,000 per year, is guaranteed for four years (for each medalist who is accepted and enrolls at Rensselaer
Recipient: Alfred Burgazoli

The Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal and Scholarship Program recognizes high school juniors who have distinguished themselves academically, are active and involved members of their school and community, and demonstrate interest and ability in computing. The winning students are eligible for a $7,000 annual scholarship, for a total of $28,000 over 4 years.
Recipients: Jack Ganger-Spivak & MaryRose Duffy

The Rochester Institute of Technology Innovation & Creativity Award Program recognizes high school juniors who have distinguished themselves academically, are active and involved members of their school and community, and demonstrate outstanding achievement in innovation, creativity, or entrepreneurship. The winning students are eligible for a $7,000 annual scholarship, for a total of $28,000 over 4 years.
Recipients: Alex Livingston & Mackenzie Squair

Tech Valley Association Honor Code Award is given to the student association members believe best embodies the spirit of the TVHS Honor Code – trust, respect, responsibility and stewardship. The recipient must be a senior in good academic standing who has consistently demonstrated high levels of respect to staff, other students, visitors and community partners throughout their years at TVHS. The recipient has consistently demonstrated exemplary stewardship of the TVHS program and school building and is generally considered to be a highly honest, forthright and responsible individual. The winning student will receive an award in the amount of $250.
Recipient: Kareel Slager

The University of Rochester currently offers four awards to recognize outstanding high school juniors. Award recipients who apply to the university will have their application fee waived and will be considered for the scholarship that corresponds with their award. Scholarship amounts range from $7,000 to $20,000 per year for four years.

University of Rochester Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award is awarded to students who display High achievement and rigor in science classes with high PSAT math and/or SAT math scores.
Recipient: Alfred Burgazoli

The University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology is awarded to a student with a strong interest in innovation and/or information technology and a high level of achievement in this area, exposure to new technologies outside of school, and leading other students to new approaches to old problems
Recipient: Ian Jensen

The University of Rochester Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award is awarded to a student who has a demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues, leadership and dedication to community action, and strong grades and rigorous courses taken in the humanities and social sciences.
Recipient: Mackenzie Squair

The University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award is awarded to a student with strong leadership experience at school and in the community, high grades and challenging courses, and extensive involvement in extracurricular activities.
Recipient: Maeve Corcoran

The Elmira College Key Award is presented to a student in the junior year with strong academics and outstanding school and community leadership. This award comes with a scholarship valued at $80,000 over four years.
Recipient: Kerry Lindemann

The Student Sage Award is a recognition program that honors two outstanding students. Recipients of the award will receive a certificate of nomination and an invitation to The Sage Colleges Student Sage Scholars’ Reception during their senior year. Student nominees will be eligible for an annual $5,000 scholarship to The Sage Colleges.
Recipients: Marie Parascandola & Anthony Delmonico

The Tech Valley High School Perfect Attendance Award is awarded to students who have maintained perfect attendance during the school year. We celebrate this achievement because perfect attendance demonstrates the motivation of a student to be at school every day, and to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of his or her goals. 11% of our total student body has perfect attendance for the school year.

Nicholas Allen
Cecilia Arsky
Keegan Bailey
Brian Cruz
Brooklyn Darling
John Deresienski
Zoey Flansburg
Macy Hayes
Ashton Jensen
Kali Soltano
Andrew Stuebner
Jack Whittaker
Leah White
Jeffrey Wood

The Clarkson University Leadership Award recognizes a junior who demonstrates strong leadership qualities, positively impacts their school and local community, and has a proven academic record. The winning student is eligible for a $15,000 per year scholarship.
Recipient: Ellise Dugan

The Clarkson University Achievement Award recognizes a junior who demonstrates strong leadership qualities, positively impacts their school and local community and have a proven academic record. The winning student is eligible for a $12,000 per year scholarship.
Recipient: MaryRose Duffy

Saint Michael’s College Book Award recognizes students for academic achievement and social conscience. This award comes with a significant scholarship ranging from $12,000 to full tuition.
Recipient: Mylea Braun

LeMoyne Heights Award recognizes a high school junior who is “reaching for the heights” in the classroom and service to their school and community. This comes with a scholarship of $12,500 annually.
Recipient: Ryker Dorman

Tech Valley High School Visual Arts Award
The award for visual art is given to a student that has shown commitment to their personal and artistic growth. This student nurtures developed talents while exploring new approaches to art making, fostering new skills and revising creative concepts. This artist has created a variety of art forms in both 2d and 3d forms and uses art to communicate personal statements about herself and the world around her. This student possesses the potential to be a professional artist and shows tremendous dedication and appreciation to his or her artmaking.
Recipient: Purevsuren Batdorji

The Trelleborg Self-Direction Award (Sponsored by Trelleborg/Automated Dynamics)
Steve Jobs once said, “Self-direction is the key to mastery.” Self-directed learners get all work things done on time without being prodded to do so, advocate for themselves, and aren’t satisfied with doing the bare minimum. This award goes to the member of each class who most clearly demonstrates the traits of self-direction and agency.
9th: Andrew Karaskiewicz, Jr.
10th: Davena Sherman
11th: Mackenzie Squair/Ellise Dugan
12th: Macy Hayes

Hudson Valley Community College Collaboration Award (Sponsored by HVCC)
Charles Darwin said, “Those who have learned to collaborate and improvise most efficiently have prevailed.” Good collaborators are not dominant leaders, but empathetic coaches and responsible team members. These students always do their part, can work with all kinds of people, and are adept at resolving conflicts. This award goes to the member of each class who have consistently shown themselves to be model collaborators.
9th: Mina Olsson
10th: Sophia Haggerty
11th: Alex Livingston
12th: Caiden Larsen

Alaant Technology Literacy Award (Sponsored by Alaant Workforce Solutions)
Arthur C. Clarke said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Technology is a part of everything we do at Tech Valley High. These students boast not only impressive skills, but a passion and enthusiasm for technology that permeates all of their work. This award goes to 9th and 10th graders who have most clearly demonstrated a passion and enthusiasm for technology.
9th: Noah Berman
10th: Cecilia Arsky

1st Playable Productions Communication Award (Sponsored by 1st Playable Productions)
Paulo Freire said, “Only through communication can human life hold meaning.” These students are able to communicate professionally and effectively both orally and in writing. Their interactions with adults and peers demonstrate respect and a desire to listen and be heard. This award goes to the member of each class who has demonstrated the very best communication skills.
9th: Jack Whittaker
10th: Alaina March
11th: MaryRose Duffy
12th: Fiona Haggerty

Buzz Media Solutions/ Urban Co-Works Community-Building Award (Sponsored by Buzz Media Solutions & Urban Co-Works)
Martin Luther King said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” Community builders are positive about school and are enthusiastic participants in school activities. They also take the initiative to make our community a better place every day. This award goes to the member of each class who has best demonstrated the desire to improve our school community.
9th: Ashlee Jensis
10th: Amanda Thrasher
11th: Ian Jensen
12th: Kareel Slager

 UAlbany Knowing and Thinking Award (Sponsored by the University at Albany)
World renowned writer, Stephen King said: “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”The following students have most embodied that spirit and have the highest averages in their respective grades. They should be commended for their hard work.
9th: Jack Whittaker
10th: Sophia Haggerty
11th: MaryRose Duffy
12th: Macy Hayes

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