Informed & Literate Technology Users

Students design, construct, use, and evaluate appropriate technology that is seamlessly integrated into their everyday learning. They use technology to help them think critically about projects and problems. Students have an awareness and understanding of the region’s emerging technologies, adapt to ever-changing technology platforms, and prepare for technology that does not yet exist.

  • Photo of Nikita Losi

    “There are unique opportunities here in the way technology is integrated into everything we do. It's important to have technology literacy because computers are everywhere. Not being able to use technology will cripple your ability to not only work, but function in today's society.”

    Nikita Losi

    Class of 2017, Wynantskill UFSD

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Nikita Losi, class of 2017, talks about the development of his technology literacy at TVHS, and why it’s such an important skill.