Successful in Mastering Academic Content

Graduates master and, more importantly, can apply core content at the commencement level as required by the state of New York. Additionally, graduates are required to complete four years of math, four years of science, and at least two credits of Mandarin Chinese. Students understand the connections between content areas. When confronted with real life challenges, students pose questions, process information, understand concepts, and develop solutions. They gain experiential learning in careers through an annual two-week internship program that helps them determine their futures.

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    “Because I'm going into a science-based field, the four-year math and science graduation requirement is giving me the critical thinking ability that I need”

    Domonique Fiddemon

    Class of 2017, Troy CSD

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Domonique Fiddemon talks about how the rigorous Tech Valley High curriculum has helped prepare her for college.